English Reader


Everyone Poops
Author Taro Gomi illustrates how all animals and humans need to have a number two. Which, as an adult, is important and helpful to remember the next time you are in a tense and scary situation at work.
All my friends are dead
If you're tiring of the "when I grow up, I want to be..." conversation your child currently can't get enough of, this is the book for you.
Rather than feed the fore of their ambition, 'All my friends are dead' aims to show us how there's a downside to being anything.
My Mom Has Hepatitis C
The bestselling authors of "Living With Hepatitis C: A Survivor's Guide" do what they do best and continue with the same theme, this time for children.
SPOILER ALERT: Don't worry - it ends happily.
The Night Dad Went to Jail
In fairness to 'The Night Dad Went to Jail' and its author, Melissa Higgins, this book has attracted a lot of praise for the way it tackles a situation many children will not understand or find painful.
I Wish Daddy Didn't Drink
'I Wish Daddy Didn't Drink So Much' is one of a number of titles aimed at explaining issues such as alocoholism to children.
Judith Vigna's heartstring-tugging book is about Lisa, whose father doesn't keep his promise to take her sledding because of his drinking.