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Speed limit

The British RAF base where I was stationed(驻扎,配置) as part of a contingent(分遣队,偶然事件) of USAF personnel had one narrow road winding through(蜿蜒穿过) the crowded residential area. After a rash of minor vehicle pedestrian(行人) accidents, the USAF commander decided to reduce the speed limit to three m.p.h.

Shortly after the new limit was posted, an MP sergeant issued a speeding citation(引用,传票) to a jeep driver for going five m.p.h. I was curious to know how the MP had determined the jeep's speed so exactly. "I was jogging(慢跑) to get to the PX before it closed," he explained, "and as I passed the jeep, I noticed that the speedometer(速度计) read five m.p.h."