English Story

A chimpanzee and a norwegian

In 1990 the Swedes sent their first rocket up into outer space with a crew consisting of a chimpanzee(黑猩猩) and a Norwegian. On the control panel in front of them was a red light and a green light. When the red light flashed in indicated that instructions were about to come through for the Norwegian and when the green light showed it signalled an imminent(即将来临的) instruction for the chimpanzee.

Ten minutes after blast-off the green light flashed and the chimpanzee was instructed to alter the course of the rocket slightly, to take infra-red photographs of Sweden and to repair the radio transmitter. Half an hour later the green light flashed again and the chimpanzee was told to calculate the rate of fuel consumption, adjust the computer and make ovservations in connection with the earth's magnetic field.

By this time the Norwegian was getting restless(焦躁不安的) at having nothing to do and resentful(愤恨的,厌恶的) of the busy chimpanzee. Then one hour later the red light flashed and the Norwegian eagerly awaited his instructions. A minute later came the order: "Feed the chimpanzee."