English Story

One side of the case 我们只听一面之辞

A judge asked our group of potential jurors(陪审员) whether anyone should be excused, and one man raised his hand. "I can't hear out of my left ear," the man told the judge. "Can you hear out of your right ear?" the judge asked. The man nodded his head. "You'll be allowed to serve on the jury," the judge declared. "We only listen to one side of the case at a time." 一位法官问我们这群修补陪审员是否有人应当免权,一个人举起了手。 “我的左耳听不见。”那人告诉法官。 “你的右边耳朵听得见吗?”法官问道,那人点了点头。 “你将被允许加入陪审团,”法官宣布,“我们每次只听一面之辞。”