English Story

泰戈尔《新月集》第1期:家庭 the home(双语赏析)

I PACED alone on the road across the field while the sunset was hiding its last gold like a miser.
The daylight sank deeper and deeper into the darkness, and the widowed land, whose harvest had been reaped, lay silent.
Suddenly a boy's shrill voice rose into the sky. He traversed the dark unseen, leaving the track of his song across the hush of the evening.
His village home lay there at the end of the waste land, beyond the sugar-cane field, hidden among the shadows of the banana and the slender areca palm, the cocoa-nut and the dark green jack-fruit trees.
I stopped for a moment in my lonely way under the starlight, and saw spread before me the darkened earth surrounding with her arms countless homes furnished with cradles and beds, mothers' hearts and evening lamps, and young lives glad with a gladness that knows nothing of its value for the world.
我在星光下独自走着的路上停留了一会,我看见黑沉沉的大地展开在我的面前,用 她的手臂拥抱着无量数的家庭,在那些家庭里有着摇篮和床铺,母亲们的心和夜晚的灯,还有年轻轻的生命,他们满心欢乐,却浑然不知这样的欢乐对于世界的价值。