English Reader


   “笑果”指数 ★

  I don't have time to read, because I must study.

  Studying usually involvesreading!

  I shared it by myself.

  You cannot share things with yourself!

  It has some disadvantages, because it's good for their furture.

  'Disadvantages' are bad by definition!

  China is a big country, so we have four seasons.

  Small countries may have four seasons, too!

  She is a good person, because I know her father.

  The fact that you know her father doesn't mean she is a good person!

  “笑果”指数 ★★

  I am writing to expressthat I am going to receive the aid from you.

  Are you sure I'm going to help you?

  I need some hands from you.

  I bet you mean 'a hand'.

  More and more people are getting older.

  Who's getting younger?

  In my opinion, I'm a student.

  Are you not sure?

  Pandas can give us the development.

  Sounds difficult.

  My abilitymake(s) me couldn't study.

  ......especially in develolping and developed countries.

  And what about coutries that are neither developing nor developed?

  “笑果”指数 ★★★

  My friend must be like animal.

  What a curse!

  We share the same things-even the same boyfriend!

  It is possible but immoral.

  My major is violence.

  I hope not so!

  I often go to the loo to see wild animals.

  Sound way too funny! You might mean zoo.

  My city has a bright future, because of me.

  Shall we try something modest?