English Story

This way to request 如是请求

I had fallen and dislocated my elbow, which made writing checks for my small business nearly impossible. I called my bank to explain that the signature on my checks would look odd due to my accident, and would they please horror them anyway.     "Okay," said the woman on the phone, "but you'll have to write a letter to the bank telling them that you are requesting this. "   我摔倒了,肘骨脱臼了。这使得我几乎不能给我的小生意签账单了。我打电话给银行解释说由于事故,账单上我的签名看起来会有些古怪,并请求他们无论如何给予承兑。      “好的,”电话中的女子说,“但你必须给银行写封信,告诉他们你在作此项请求。”