English Story

I owe you for a float

Mr Smith worked in a post office and three years ago, when he was sixty, he retired. Now he and his wife stay at home and his children work in another city. The old woman does all housework and he has nothing to do at home. He likes neither reading nor watching games. At first he didn't know how to spend the spare time. Mr Hunt who was two years older than him asked him to go fishing with him.
"It's a good sport," said Mr Hunt, "I'm sure you will soon be interested in it."
"But I cann't fish at all, you know."
"That's easy. Go fishing with me tomorrow morning and I'll teach you."
Mr Smith decided to try his luck. The following day the two old friends came to a river and began to fish. Suddenly Mr Smith said, "How much do those little red things cost?"
"You mean the floats? Oh, they are cheap. What made you ask me such a question?"
"I owe you one. Mine has just sunk ."