English Story

You'd better not talk with him

Mr Brown had lived in a village before he became a famous lawyer. He remembered his hard life during studying in the colleage. And his parents borrowed much money for him. So he worked hard and tried his best to get more money.
Now he lives in a beautiful house with his family and his son Rechard is clever. He likes the boy very much and sends him to the best school in the city. He hopes Rechard to live a happy life and buys everything the boy wants. He wishs his son could become a great scientist.
But he doesn't know Rechard hates studying and spents much time in playing. Now he's interested in fishing and sometimes cuts classes. So he fails in the exams. Miss Young, his headteacher, tells him not to do that, but he doesn't listen to her. She becomes angry after the boy was late again one afternoon.
"I'll visit your father tomorrow evening, Rechard, "says Miss Young. "I will ask a good way to educate you."
"You'd better not talk with him, madam," says the boy. "Or you'll pay for a fee for his advisory service!"