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Try the hat 试帽子

A woman was busy making an Irish stew(炖肉) when her husband came in from work, and offered to help her, "You can't help much," said the woman, "but you might get me a  turnip." "What size?" asked the man. "Oh, about the size of your head," said the woman, irritably(暴躁地).  The man was away for some time, and then he came back carrying a turnip. His wife received him with a broad grin. "What are you laughing at?" he asked. "Why," said the wife, "Jack Smith called to tell me that he'd  seen you in the field at the back trying your hat on a lot of turnip."
一个女人在她丈夫回家的时候正忙着做爱尔兰炖肉,她的丈夫过来帮忙。“你帮不了什么忙啊”,女人说,“不过你可以递给我一个甘蓝.” “多大的?”男人问。“哦,和你脑袋一样大,”女人不耐烦地说。这个男人离开了一会,然后拿着一个甘蓝回来。他的妻子咧着嘴笑着把甘蓝接过来。“你在笑什么?”他问,“杰克史密斯打电话告诉我,他回家的时候看见你在田地里把帽子放在很多甘蓝上面试。”