English Story

Something is wrong with your cars

Robert was a clever young man and got on well with his classmates. They all liked him and played with him though he often boasted. He was strong and often had sports. He hoped to join the army when he left the middle school. Bad luck! His leg was hurt in a traffic accident and he couldn't walk. He had to go to his home village and help his father to manage the farm. He read a lot of books on farming and did well in it. He got much money and bought a few farms next to his and ten years later he became the richest farmer in his village.
Once Robert met several friends in the capital. Some of them were famous in their country. They knew nothing about their lame friend. It made him unhappy and he asked them to visit his farm. They agreed and went there with him. They saw a beautiful house with a big garden when they got there. They found he had a lot of sheep, pigs and cows. Robert and his family warmly received the guests from London. The next morning he took them to his farm. It was so large that they couldn't see the other end and it surprised them all.
"It'll take you two days to reach the other end of my farm by car!" Robert said happily.
"I think something is wrong with your cars!" one of the guests said with a smile.