English Story


在我们前进的道路上,不可能不遇到一些暂时的困难,这些困难的实质,“纸老虎” 而已。


“ 哪儿有困难就到哪儿去,”——不但“遇虎而打”,而且进一步“找虎而打”,这是崇高的共产主义风格。

On the path of moving forward, it is impossible to avoid some temporary difficulties. The nature of these difficulties are 'paper tigers'. The problem is... Are we going to run away or fight, when we are facing these ‘paper tigers'?

Go to the place where the difficulties are. Not only, fight with the tigers when we meet them but also search for the tigers ourselves. This is way for the sublime communist.





We should always remember:

In order to not to dry up, one drop of water has to be in the ocean.

In order to be powerful, you must be at one with the team.

Power comes from getting together, wisdom comes from hard working, action comes from great thoughts and honor comes from team spirit.