English Story


要记住: “在工作上,要向积极性最高的同志看齐,在生活上,要向水平最低的同志看齐。”

Remember always, at work the comrade with the most ambition is the one you regard as your equal but in life you should regard the comrade who has the lowest living standard.

单丝不成线,独木不成林。一个人是办不了大事的,群众的事一定要发动群众、依靠群众自己来办。……我一定虚心向群众学习,永远做群众的小学生。只有这样,才能做好工作,才能不断进步。 我深切地感到:当你和群众交上了知心朋友,受到群众的拥护,这便会给你带来无穷的力量,再大的困难也能克服,无论什么艰苦的环境中,都会使你感到温暖和幸福。

One piece of silk does not make a string. One single tree does not make a forest. One single person can not succeed on his own. You have to motivate people and depend on them to accomplish the task as a group. I must learn from the people humbly and be a student of them. Only in this way will the work be better and progress be made constantly. I deeply feel that when you become one with the people and earn their support - this will give you infinite power. The ability to overcome the biggest difficulties, no matter how difficult the situation is, will always give you warmth and happiness.


If you only have the people and not yourself in your heart, you will achieve honor and prestige. Contrary to this, if you only think of yourself and not the people, they will despise you.